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Armenia, restaurant

Address:Dzirnavu str. 62
Phone:+371-29-502222, +371-28-343630
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Restaurant Armenia in Riga, representing Armenian and European cuisine.

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The restaurant is available for residents as well as for the guests of Riga. The place offers special courses and is focused on creating a hospitable and unforgettable atmosphere for its guests. On the top floor of the restaurant is the bright hall with marble, national accents, and excerpts from the Armenian architecture. This creates the ideal atmosphere for a family vacation, a friends’ meeting or a romantic dinner with your beloved one. The restaurant is specially designed with the possibility to celebrate special occasions.

You are invited downstairs to the warm Armenian wine cellar "Maran". You can also enjoy a fine aged cognac. "Our restaurant is a family establishment, we have tried to create a “hearth” personifying Caucasian soul, southern warmth and homely atmosphere able to compliment an unforgettable vacation to our guests. The central element of our restaurant is the wonderful colour of our three thousand years of culture. In fact, we invite future guests to discover the legendary Armenian useful kitchen.Restaurant Armenia will surprise gourmets with its impressive diversity. From the Armenian meat dishes cooked on open coals, to European seafood delicacies made by special recipes. Special attention should be paid to a unique drink, which can be tasted in restaurant Armenia-wine from pomegranates, plums, currants and blackberries. And finally, our guests are invited to taste the famous Armenian coffee prepared on scorching sand.