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Museum of Neringa history

Address:Nagliu Str. 4
Phone:(469) 5 23 72
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Address: Pamario g. 53, LT-93124, Nida.
Tel.: (+370 ~ 469) 52 372, (+370 ~ 469) 51 162.
Fisherman's Ethnographic homestead: Naglių g. 4, LT-93123, Nida.
Director - Eleonora Jonušienė.

Information for Visitor

Opening hours:
June 1 - September 15:
Monday to Sunday 10-18.
September 16 - May 31:
Tuesday to Saturday 10-17.

Additional services:
booking of excursions;
booking of thematic excursions for pupils;
booking of historical excursions for pupils.

Collection of the museum consists of historical-household displays, working tools, historical photographs, post-cards, collections of art works, where history and the present life of the Curonian Spit and Neringa are reflected.

Occupations in Curonian Spit
The exposition presents the old way of sailing-boat (kurėnas, kiudelvaltė) fishing. A mount of weathercocks and their graphics is installed. A comprehensive presentation of ice-fishing on the ice of Curonian Lagoon, amber shoveling from the Baltic Sea and one of the most original activities of local people - the crow hunting is available on the exposition.

The Stone Age settlement of Nida
Various archeological findings recovered in the Stone Age settlement on the Western part of the Parindis sand-dune are exposed.

The daily round of Nida resort
Prints, photographs, documents and contemporary souvenirs are enabled to familiarize the visitor with the history of Nida town and resort establishing.

Nida Gliding School
The history of the school is presented with photographs of Kuršių nerija (The Curonian Lagoon) is captured from a bird's eye view.

Fisherman's Ethnographic homestead
Address: Naglių g. 4, LT-93123, Nida.
Tel. (+370 ~ 469) 52 372.
A homestead having suffered from ice floes of the Curonian Bay was given to the Neringa Museum of History in 1974. A homestead of the end of the XIX century - beginning of the XX century was arranged in it. There are two buildings here: a dwelling house and a farm building. A kitchen of a dwelling house and three rooms are furnished authentically. Decorated chairs, set of furniture of the sleeping room, trousseau chest with painted ornaments is especially interesting. Bride's and silver wedding's little wreaths are displayed on the walls.
The occupations of people in Curonian Lagoon
A singing fisherman mannequin who is out catching silver smelts attracts the attention of visitors.

Most frequently those are art exhibitions on the Curonian Spit, exhibitions of historical photographs, post-cards, works of folk art.
Craftsmen from the Lapland and Greenland have exhibited their works in the museum.

Cultural, educational activity
Performances of amateur theaters, concerts of folklore and ethnographic companies are organized, folk artists' manufactured articles and old crafts are demonstrated in the fisherman's ethnographic homestead.

Other news
The museum was founded in 1966 and was a branch of the Klaipėda Museum of Ethnography until1988.
The founder of the museum - municipality of the town Neringa.