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Address:G.D. Kuverto Str. 15
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Confortable hotel in Nida, accommodation in Nida

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 The hotel has been renovated in 2005. There are 27 spacious and light rooms. The hotel accommodates about 60 guests. Every room of the hotel has a bath or a shower, a toilet, a fridge with a mini-bar, TV and a balcony. In all the rooms, except for the single one, either a third adult or a family with two children can stay in addition.

     We can offer you:

> 24 standard double rooms (bedroom & living room from 21m2 to 27m2)

> 2 superior double rooms (bedroom & living room 30m2, with 15 m 2 balconies)

> 1 economy class single room (11,5m2)

Nidus hotel in Nida
Nidus hotel in Nida
Nidus hotel in Nida
Nidus hotel in Nida