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Kintai, UAB

Address:Kintų town, Shilute district
Location:Klaipėda region
Email:uab-kintai @
Reg num:177155847
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Integrated tourism and recreational services to the lagoon: accommodation, meals, fishing, boats, bicycle rental, hunting and conferences.

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Kintai Ltd. was founded in May 1992. 600 hectares of industrial area belong to the company. The following species of fish are bred here: carp, pike, catfish, crucian carp, cupid etc. Every spring we sell whitebait. Experienced personnel will provide all the necessary information on breeding and care of fish. Under request we bring whitebait by special transport.
The company is engaged in wholesale of live fish, makes contracts for long-time cooperation and raises up to 300 tons of fish per year.
In the ponds of Kintai Ltd. one can go fishing for carp, pike, crucian carp, trout, catfish, beam, roach.
Our hunting territory is about 1000 hectares. Here one can hunt foxes, rabbits, beavers, muskrats. The season is set by the hunting rules of the Republic of Lithuania.
There are 40 workers and specialists in the company.
In the company‘s gas station, there is a fishing tackle and houseware shop, open 24 hrs per day. There one can get not only gas but also fishing tackle, bait, info about the services and prices offered by „Kintai“ Ltd.
„Kintai“ Ltd. offers catering, accomodation, ship rent services.