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Le Cuba

Address:J.Basanavičiaus 28
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International and Lithuanian food, big restaurant for groups

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"de Cuba" is one of the newest catering enterprises in Palanga. The restaurant has opened its doors in June 2006 in the very heart of the town, on J. Basanaviciaus Str. No. 28. This restaurant is not typical both due to its ambience and offered dishes and drinks. "de Cuba" restaurant is a park of ever-blooming flowers and ever-verdant flora. There is a pond with illuminated, playing fountains in the center of the park. The restaurant along with the park adjoins the corner of animate nature - the Razes brook with an abundance of tame wild birds.

Having visited in the evening, everyone finds oneself in the oasis of wonderful environment and ambience. In the darkness of the night, the fountain and the garden light up, whereas old trees change their colors. However, the most important is that everyone can taste restaurant's palatable dishes, helpings' sizes of which will amaze more than one person.

The restaurant "de Cuba" is a synthesis of animate nature, light effects, feel-good music, good food, and fast and high-quality service. Here, everyone is welcome throughout the whole year, so that one could see a little miracle in summer, and, in winter, feel home warmth by the flaming fireplace. While inhabitants of the Red Sea flora in the humongous 2000 l capacity aquarium will cheer you up.

In the summertime, there are 400 sitting places in the restaurant; in the wintertime, over 100 guests can visit at the same time. The whole year round, guests can sit in the fresh wind. Even when there is a nip in the air, in the restaurant "de Cuba," you will be able to sit in the terrace with a plaid by the heater and drink hot wine. Whereas professional cooks will always prepare selected dishes from a wide choice of Lithuanian dishes, Italian pizzas, or German roasts