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Trakai Museum of History

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Trakai Castle museum, Castle in Trakai

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There is no doubt that Trakai is rightly considered to be one of the most beautiful places in Lithuania. Tourists are attracked by the unique castle on the lake island and the marvellous nature around. There are organized numerous events in the territory of the peninsula and there are excellent conditions for the water sports. Everyone who comes to Trakai traditionally has to visit the island's complex of castles. In the late 14th century it was started to build this defensive ensemble, where Vytautas the Great used to reside. Nothing could compare to the Castle of Trakai and its surroundings, even the manors of the contemporary capital Vilnius. Since 1409 the Lithuanian capital was practically transferred to Trakai by the help of Vytautas the Great, who used to spent there about 20% of his time.

Unfortunatelly, the castle didn't avoid the wars: in the middle of the 17th c. the castle was ruined during the war with Russia. Only after the WW II were the ruins explored and restored for the first time (architects Bronislovas Krūminis, Stanislovas Mikulionis). The museum was established in 1948. At the moment visitors have the possibility to see the numerous expositions of various collections: numismatics, archeological findings, samples of armament, ancient clothes etc.- everything what helps us to feel the atmosphere of the ancient ages. The separate hall is dedicated to the monetary treasures. The main Historical Exposition of this Trakai Museum is arranged in the central mansion of the castle and it includes the time from the ancient ages untill the middle of the 20th c. In the west chambers you can find expositions of furniture, pipes, stamps, watches, porcelain, glass wares, trophies of the huntings etc...

Opening hours During the 5-9 month: Mon-Sun - 10am- 7pm,
during the 3,4,10 month: Tue-Sun - 10am-6 pm.  during the 11-1 month: Tue-Sun - 10am-5 pm.

Ticket prices: adults - 12 Lt, pupils and students - 6 Lt.
Guide service (groups up to 30): excursion in Lithuanian - 40 Lt (pupils - 20 Lt), excursions in foreign languages - 50 Lt. The picture taking in the territory of the museum - 4 Lt.

The ethnographical exhibition of the Caraims also belongs to the Museum; it is located in Karaimu str.22. There is a unique exposition which tells about the history of the caraims and their living in Lithuania and Trakai. Opening hours: Wed-Sun- 10am-6pm. Prices: adults- 4 Lt, pupils and students-2Lt.