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Vilnius Bus Station

Address:Sodu str. 22
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Work time: I-VII, 7.00-19.00
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Bus service in Vilnius, International bus ticket office in Vilnius, bus tickets to local cities from Vilnius

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Vilnius Bus Station was constructed on the 4th April 1974 following the design of the architect professor Vytautas Brėdikis. In 2000 the bus station was reconstructed. Presently, Vilnius Bus Station is the largest and most modern station both in Lithuania and the Baltic states.

Services of the bus station are used by almost four million passengers; in addition, interurban and international ticket offices sell around two million bus tickets annually. The bus station infrastructure of 1.8 ha ensures the service of up to one hundred Lithuanian and foreign carriers transporting passengers to any city or town in Lithuania or largest cities in Europe.

Vilnius Bus Station covers the premises of 3500 square meters and 2000 square metres of sheltered places for bus departures and arrivals. Located in the city centre close to the railway station, the bus station may be easily reached by public transport, taxi or personal car. Bus station is equipped with the modern passenger information system, 90 seats in the waiting room, mobile internet, interurban and international ticket offices, ATMs, WC, bistro, cafes, taxi place, supermarket, luggage and parcel terminal for the convenience of passengers.

In the bus station you may purchase not only bus tickets, but also ferry tickets or book hotel rooms in many European cities. International Ticket Agency offers travel or civil liability insurance. Tourism agency at the bus station is ready to offer you any leisure or sightseeing tours.


Bus station is provided for this service:

  • Sale of travel tickets and international long-distance shuttles;
  • Accepted and sent the lot;
  • Luggage storage service is provided;
  • The information on bus departure and arrival;
  • Rental of advertising spaces.

Passenger convenience, the bus station is located in the premises of the company providing a range of services.