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Easy Rental, UAB

Address:Naugarduko Str. 3
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Reg num:300586623
Work time:0-24
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Cars, car rental in Vilnius.

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Short term car rent information

  • Minimum rental term is 24 hrs, 6hrs for minibus and 3 hrs for limo. The grace period is 2 hours. Weekend rent period starts at 3PM on Friday and lasts till 10AM on Monday.
  • The renter must present valid driver licence, passport or ID card and a credit card. Minimum age is 21, 23 for minibus driver.
  • Payment. We accept VISA, MasterCard, AMERICAN EXPRESS credit cards, cash or money transfer. Third party liability, CDW and TP are all-in rent rate and valid in all European Union. Renters liability (franchise) is 700 LTL (203 €), full insurance also available.
  • Cost-free mileage is 600 km per day. Extra kilometer is 0.12 LTL (0.035 €). Vehicle delivery in Vilnius is free of charge during work time, not working hours and weekends - extra 40 LTL (11.50 €), delivery out of Vilnius on inquiry.
  • Baby seat is free of charge. We can also provide with roof and bycycle carriers.
  • Breakdown support.
  • You can find a road map, city guides, a pen and a snow scraper during winter season in every vehicle.
  • The rental cars can be driven not only by the renter, but also by additional drivers who are included into the agreement. One additional driver is included free of charge.
  • Company driver, also minor cargo carriage and moving services available.
  • The rental cars can be used in all EU.
  • The rental cars are filled up with the fuel(if not arranged differently) and should be returned filled up, otherwise the renter will be charged with a maintenance pay. At the request of the renter the company can provide with a fuel in optimum prices.