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Vilnius City Jazz Festival

The traditional international Vilnius City Jazz Festival, organized by “Vilniaus Festivaliai” will be running in November

August , Capital Days in Vilnius

International city festival CAPITAL DAYS (Sostinės dienos), one of the most important multi-art form events in Vilnius, is taking place in August - September

August Festival of crafts and warfare “Apuole 854”

August 22-23, festival of crafts and warfare of Baltic region tribes “Apuole 854” is inviting you.

July The Sea Festival in Klaipeda

The Sea Festival is one of the largest Lithuania’s event process including city and entire Lithuania’s artistic forces, as well as city and country business representatives.

July Days of Live Archaeology in Kernavė

Visitors of the event will have an unique possibility to get in touch with reconstructed archaic crafts.


The end of June. Deltuva battle

It is a wonderful event for the lovers of a history and a soldiership.

May, first Saturday Street Musician Day

Every first Saturday of May everybody who has any musical instrument and can obtain a sound or noise with it, goes out to the streets of a city and plays.

March Kaziukas Fair

The beginning of spring is a particular time in Lithuania. Its remarkable feature, besides the melting snow and the first sunshine, is a great number of tourists flooding Vilnius streets and squares. On the first Sunday of spring, the atmosphere of joy and celebration reigns Vilnius. The reason for this is the famous Kaziukas fair, the annual folk crafts and arts festival, attracting visitors from all over the world to the capital of Lithuania.

February: Trotter Horse-racing on the Lake of Sartai.

Dozens of thousands of the spectators come to admire a fight of the trotters.

Stary Smokovec Skiing routes

Stary Smokovec (The High Tatras, Slovakia)

Stary Smokovec ski resort in High Tatras Mountains : what to do, hotels, restaurants, transport, skiing routes.



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Lithuanian Music Academy

Gedimino av. 42, Vilnius
Phone: 8-5-26126 91

Lithuanian National Philharmonia

Aušros Vartų str. 5, Vilnius
Phone: 8-5-266 52 10, Email:

Music School of Taurage district

Dariaus ir Girėno str. 11, Tauragė
Phone: (+370 44 6) 61 35 8, Email:

Philharmonic of kaunas

Sapiegos 5, Kaunas
Phone: (37) 20 04 78

Sereikiškių Park

Vilnius, Vilnius

Sports Hall of Kaunas/ Kauno Sporto Hale

Perkūno av. 5, Kaunas
Phone: 8 37 201470

Šiauliai arena

Jono Jablonskio g. 16, Šiauliai
Phone: 8-41-540151, Email:

The Cultural Centre of Ukmerge

Kauno str. 8, Ukmergė
Phone: 8 (340) 63 801

Venues in Vilnius

Venues in Vilnius, Vilnius
Phone: +370-46-222222

Vilnius Concert and Sports Palace

Rinktinės str. 1, Vilnius
Phone: ( 5) 27 28 942

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