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Stary Smokovec Skiing routes

Stary Smokovec (The High Tatras, Slovakia)

Stary Smokovec ski resort in High Tatras Mountains : what to do, hotels, restaurants, transport, skiing routes.

Stalin monument

Grūto park

The collection of the Museum consists of sculptures and bas-reliefs of the Soviet era the "heroes". They are symbols of the cruelty and absurdity of the Soviet regime and show the manipulations performed with historical facts

The Lithuanian Exhibition Centre LITEXPO

The Lithuanian Exhibition Centre LITEXPO is a unique place where the pulse of public life is best felt and its changes are quickest to be noticed.

Amber is a traditional souvenir from Lithuania

The Baltic amber, succinct, formed of amber pine tress – pinus succinifera – which in the Eocene period (55-40 million years ago) grew in south slopes and plains of Scandinavia. In the old Baltic amber tertiary forests conifers, palms, oaks, beeches, elms, chestnuts, willows, cinnamons, magnolias and olives, also mushrooms, mosses and lichens were growing.

The Contemporary Art Centre

The Contemporary Art Centre (CAC) is the largest venue for contemporary art in Baltic states. The CAC presents the newest international tendencies in art.

Culture and art in Lithuania

Culture, science, research and teaching shall be unrestricted. The State shall support culture and science, and shall be concerned with the protection of Lithuanian history, art, and other cultural monuments and valuables.



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"Agila"- the cultural and touristic centre of Nida

Taikos str. 4, Nida
Phone: 8 (469) 52 345

A. Mickevichius public library

Traku Str. 10, Vilnius
Phone: ( 5) 26 25 570

A. Shato gallery

Savanoriu Ave. 334, Kaunas
Phone: (37) 70 78 55


Pamenkalnio Str. 1/13, Vilnius
Phone: (5) 23 13 807

Akademija (academy)

Pilies Str. 44/2, Vilnius
Phone: (5) 26 12 094


Gustoniai village, Berchiunai, Panevezhys area, Panevėžys
Phone: (45) 55 82 38

Alytus area administration culture centre

Kepyklos Str. 17, Alytus
Phone: (315) 39 945

Applied arts gallery

Gedimino Ave. 1, Vilnius
Phone: (5) 26 13 827

Applied arts gallery

Pamenkalnio Str. 1/13, Vilnius
Phone: (5) 26 24 552

Arkos galerija (arch gallery)

Aushros Vartu Str. 7, Vilnius
Phone: (5) 21 21 319

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