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Europos parkas

Address:Joneikiskiai, LT - 15148
Location:Vilnius region
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EUROPOS PARKAS (Open-Air Museum of the Centre of Europe) was founded by Lithuanian sculptor Gintaras Karosas in 1991 after Lithuania had regained independence. The year of the museum`s establishment coincides with the end of the era of Soviet occupation and the beginning of new opportunities to realize innovative ideas.

The goal of the museum is to give an artistic significance to the geographic center (as determined by the French National Geographic Institute in 1989) of the European continent.

Monument of the Centre of Europe created by Gintaras Karosas contains indications of all the capitals of Europe, information on the distances to them as measured from the centre of Europe and the direction in which each of them is situated.

EUROPOS PARKAS, the leading open-air contemporary art museum, is a 20 min. drive from the center of Vilnius. Enjoying the treasured landscape of the park, you will at the same time discover the admirable world of art. The exhibition spans an area of 55 hectares and displays over 90 works by artists from 29 countries in the world. The collection includes large-scale works by famous contemporary artists such as Abakanowicz, Oppenheim, LeWitt among others. The works of art are complemented by the expressive landscape of the park, woodlands and grasslands dotted with natural springs. This harmonious whole leaves a lasting impression.

In 2001, The Guinness World Record Book registered the record - the Largest Sculpture made of TV sets, that has been created in Europos Parkas. 2903 TV sets were used for the unique sculpture-labyrinth LNK Infotree that spans an area of 3,135 square metres and has the shape of a tree when viewed from above. A statue of Lenin lies in the middle of the labyrinth. The sculpture symbolizes the absurdity of Soviet propaganda that for over half a century had been implanted in people’s minds with the help of senseless TV.

Let`s meet in the middle of Europe!

Museum is open daily from 9.00 a.m. to sunset.
Admission: adults - 12 Litas , students - 8 Litas, school pupils - 6 Litas (discounts for tourists groups).

Guided tours are conducted in English, Russian and Lithuanian. Two different tours are offered: 1 academic hour and 2 academic hours. Guided tour - 50 Litas/1 hour, 90 Litas/2 hours.

Museum Restaurant: a place for a tasty dinner in a cosy environment. In Europos Parkas you will find a restaurant, where you can have lunch or dinner either indoors or in the open-air. Surrounded by an exquisite view and sculptures, you will be able to have a rest, and to try tasty dishes and cold Lithuanian beer. The outdoor restaurant amid sculptures and under the apple-trees, hosts up to 70 people. Lunch and dinner for tourists groups are organized. A cosy hall can be rented for banquets with catering for 10 to 100 people.

Europos Parkas is a meeting place for art and nature with an intense and international atmosphere. Companies and organizations may enjoy these beautiful settings for conferences, seminars, presentations, business meetings and social events. Conference Hall facing the beauty of the park can accommodate up to 100 people.

Museum Shop: Here you will find magnificent souvenirs and publications that will remind you of Europos Parkas.

Post Office. Perhaps no visitor would miss the opportunity to send a postcard to his or her relatives or friends marked with the special seal of the Europos Parkas Post Office.

For driving directions look up at our website (visitor information - the map):




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