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Dr. Rose Medical Center

Address:7-8 Roosevelt Square
Phone:+36 1 377 6737
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Medical center in Budapest

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Dr. Rose Medical Center was founded in 2007 with the purpose of creating a new notion in the field of inland out-patient attendance and the rising of standards of health services.

As for the location of our medical center, we have chosen a building with facilities which are perfectly suitable for establishing a five-star medical center, offering great accessibility and outstanding interior.

We have chosen a central location in the heart of Budapest, in one of the most modern buildings of the city center, where the spacious rooms, the roof terrace, the underground parking garage and the elegant office environment assure an excellent basis for achieving all our ideas.

Based on the feedback received and demands of our patients, we have constantly raised the level of our services and the number of our specialties. We have extended our resources and kept on reviewing the professional novelties, in order to integrate them among our offerings.

The success of our medical center has proven that high-standard services are necessary in the field of health care. Therefore, besides our out-patient attendance we launched our professional in-patient medical attendance and obstetrics in 2010.

Rose Medical Center





Regos korekcija, UAB

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Dr. Rose Medical Center

Medical center in Budapest 7-8 Roosevelt Square, Budapest
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Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Center in Vilnius Juozapavichiaus Str. 9A, Vilnius
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Medical Center Budapest

The team of Medical Center made up of specialist physicians with several years experience are waiting former and new patients in this aesthetic and state-of-the-art office. Bartók Béla 92-94, Budapest
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Savanoriu pr. 284, Kaunas
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RMC differentiates itself from other private clinics by ensuring the highest quality medical care and the most individualized. We strive to exceed the client’s expectations by providing effective yet personalized services. Gabor Aron u. 74-78/a, Budapest
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Vilnius Holistic Therapy Center

Holistic therapy center in Vilnius. Vyduno Str. 18-65, Vilnius
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