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Vedettes de Paris

Address:Port de Suffren
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Web page:www.vedettesdeparis....
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Discover Paris by river with us

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Discover Paris in one hour. All our cruises start at the Eiffel Tower and go through the historical district. You will sample some of the most famous monuments such as the Grand Palais, the Concorde Place, the Orsay Museum, the Louvre, City Hall, and Notre Dame Cathedral of course

Cruises Departure Times

Choose the day you want to do a cruise to get the exact departure times. Times are for the Sightseeing, the Pleasure and the Light Meal Cruises.

 For the others cruises, please click on the name of the cruise you want to do: the kid Cruise (only in french), the Champagne Tasting Cruise, the Dinner Cruise




Bateaux Mouches

Boat tours down the River Seine from Eiffel Tower Bateaux Mouches - Port de l'Alma, Paris
Phone: +33-01-42259610, Email:

Vedettes de Paris

Discover Paris by river with us Port de Suffren, Paris
Phone: +33-1-44181950, Email:

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Sergejus Jeriomenko - have good time with us

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