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Crystal Club

Address:Lachplesha street 52/54
Email:club @
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Night Club in Riga

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From the 30th Of April 2010, Club Crystal is going to change. The club will no longer be viewed as a Russian or Latvian club but rather as an international club. The atmosphere will change. However, Russian or Latvian event organizers or promoters still have the opportunity to organize events in any Language of there choosing before club opening hours.
Amongst other changes being made, no more will the club entertain with Russian or Latvian Music. Our play-list will consist of MTV Dance chart Hit Remixes, Radio Hit Remixes and Club Hit Remixes. (We are moving hard into the 21st Century of Nightlife experience).
We guarantee your safety while in our club. Our professional security is there to help you at any time. Just let them know what the problem is and it will be taken care of (professionally). Our hostess will help you with transportation (TAXI) if needed.

The club slogan is YOUNG. BEAUTIFUL. WILD which in turn reveals the direction in which the club is moving. Club Crystal, is a great atmosphere for young, talented fun loving individuals. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE DRESSED SMART BUT YOU DO HAVE TO BE DRESSED NEATLY!!!!!!!!!!

Ladies and gentlemen, be part of this change; join us as we move nightlife to the next phase of evolution. Join our mailing list or you could simply write to me (the ART DIRECTOR) at the club ( Ask your questions; tell me what you would wish to experience, what more changes do you think we could implore to make your time with us more pleasurable?

Help us make your night with us a night you will always remember?
We are 100% oriented to you, because this is what we do!




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Crystal Club

Night Club in Riga Lachplesha street 52/54, Riga
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800 people for lunch, dinner and for the show 82 Boulevard de Clichy , Paris
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The Club, night club

Night Club in Riga. Kungu Str. 8, Riga
Mobile: +371-26-771771, Email:

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