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Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport

Address:11180 Beograd 59, Republic of Serbia
Phone:+381 (0)11 209 4444
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The busiest airport in Serbia: basic information, history, services.

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 About Airport

Code and name of the airport

LYBE Beograd / Nikola Tesla

Aerodrome geogaphical data

ARP coordinates (WGS 84) and site at AD

444909.78N 0201825.44E 122° GEO / 1500 m from THR 12

Direction and distance from city

275° GEO, 12 km from main railway station in Beograd

ELEV / Reference temperature

102 m / 27°C (August)

MAG VAR / Annual change

3°E (2005) / + 5.2'

Types of traffic permitted


Time reference: Summer (March-September) UTC+2h, Winter (October-February) UTC+1h
Airport operational hours: 05:00 - 23:00 LT

Aircraft Guidance and Flight Safety Aids

Belgrade "Nikola Tesla" Airport has an ideal location related to other surrounding airports, as there are no navigational restrictions and it at the crossroads of major air routes. Air routes and approaches are equipped with modern radio-navigation equipment.

Immediate surrounding of the airport has four precise systems for aircraft guidance (VOR, DME). Both runway approaches are equipped with precise radio-navigation equipment of ILS type and radar control, as well as other radio-navigational equipment (VOR, DME end so on) providing safe flight in adverse weather conditions.

Runway approach direction 12 is equipped with approach navigation lights for CAT III conditions and runway approach 30 is equipped with approach navigation lights for CAT I conditions and their descent plane of visual approach is type PAPI for both threshold 12 and threshold 30. Approach lights on runway ends (equipped for CAT III conditions for approach 12 and for CAT I conditions for approach 30), runway lights, taxiway lights, connection and apron lights enable so called night start - night flights.

All lights for guidance of aircraft are connected to auxiliary generator system which capacity and operational characteristics enable continual supply of electric power.

"FOLLOW ME" vehicle leads aircraft to their apron position.

The story of Belgrade "Nikola Tesla" Airport starts as far as in 1910 when flying field in Banjica was the first Belgrade airport. Since then until now, it kept changing location, growing and developing. It is only the name that remained unchanged - Belgrade Airport, until 2006 when he was given new name - Belgrade "Nikola Tesla" Airport and as of midst of June 2010 it was given a new status - public limited company.



The first flying field in Belgrade appeared by the end of 1910 at military drill field in the suburb called Banjica. Here is where flying was demonstrated by aviation pioneers: Simon, Maslenikov, Vidmar and Chermak.

At the beginning of 1912 the first wooden hangar was built at Banjica for aircraft intended for the war with Turkey. Two years later Serbian Aeroplane Squadron and Balloon Company were stationed there.

Banjica airport was used also after the World War I for requirements of mail traffic on route Skopje-Nis-Belgrade-Novi Sad and Belgrade-Sarajevo-Mostar.

Near to the place this airport was located today stands Military Medical Academy (VMA).

Kalemegdan - Lower City


This airport was located in direction from Turkish hamam (Planetarium today) towards river mouth where Sava meets Danube. From this place the first aircraft took off in January 1911.

Recently this area has been used for parachute jumping and sky-paragliders.

Today there are regular aero-meetings at this place of sports and ultralight aviation.



Airport near Pancevo started to operate in 1923, when airline "Franko-Rumen" introduced international line Paris - Constantinopolis. The same year, mail traffic started also from this airport.

Airport was also used for training of cadets of Air Force Academy of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia. After liberation, Pancevo airport was used as "aviation-military training air field"".

At the location of the old Pancevo airport there are plants of UTVA aircraft industry today, as well as grass runway used for test, sports and simulation flights.

International Belgrade Airport


International Belgrade Airport is built on a meadow called "Dojno polje" between Bezanijska kosa and the left bank of Sava River, about two kilometers south from Zemun. The airport opened for traffic in March 1927.

Starting with February 1928, aircraft of the first domestic airline "Aeroput" take off from this airport.

The airport disposed of four grass runways. In 1931 a modern terminal building was built on it, with equipment for landing at low visibility.

During the World War II it was used by Germans. They destructed it in 1944 when withdrawing from Belgrade.

Belgrade Surcin


Area near Surcin, 18 kilometers westward from Belgrade is selected for the location of the new international airport.

The airport was opened for traffic in 1962 with one runway 3000 m long, taxiway 3350 m long, passenger terminal building, control tower, large apron for handling of aircraft and other contemporary equipment.
Later on a new passenger terminal has been built, apron extended, runway prolonged and in 1997 equipment for CAT II built in, enabling use of airport at low visibility conditions.

In July 2005 six contemporary telescopic passenger boarding bridges were put into operation, in May 2006 reconstructed international Terminal 2 put into operation and since November 2008 Belgrade "Nikola Tesla" Airport can be used in full capacity in conditions of extremely low visibility due to ILS CAT IIIb equipment and procedures which was for the first time in history of Belgrade Airport used on January 4, 2009.

Belgrade "Nikola Tesla" Airport accommodates technical maintenance company Jat Technics Ltd and technical maintenance of Aviogenex, operational departments of Air Traffic Control and Customs Authority, Air Museum, Jat Airways and SMATSA Training Centers, Helicopter Unit of the Ministry of Interior, etc.


Airport Services

Belgrade "Nikola Tesla" Airport is registered for:

  • Ground handling of aircraft, passengers, goods and mail in domestic and international traffic;
  • Maintenance of runway, maneuvering areas, aprons and stands, equipment and installations enabling aviation activities;
  • Rent of advertising space and exhibiting of advertising material, representation of foreign companies,
  • Forwarding activities,
  • Maintenance of airport and utility and power infrastructure;
  • Market research, designing and engineering;
  • Cargo warehouse management, storage and handling of goods;
  • Joint use of equipment and installations;
  • Rent of motor and other vehicles and machines;
  • Transport, cleaning and removal of garbage;
  • Land renting;
  • Airport Security Service etc.

Aerodrom Nikola Tesla
Aerodrom Nikola Tesla
Aerodrom Nikola Tesla
Aerodrom Nikola Tesla
Aerodrom Nikola Tesla
Aerodrom Nikola Tesla

Aerodrom Nikola Tesla
Aerodrom Nikola Tesla
Aerodrom Nikola Tesla
Aerodrom Nikola Tesla




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Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport

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