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Air Balloons – the Most Romantic Weekend Entertainment
2010-09-13 15:56

Lifts Up Not Just Physically
A. Dirmeika said, that a man who’s lifted up inside an air balloon is lifted up not just physically, but also spiritually; you feel a rise of emotions, everything around you changes, even time flies differently. "Even people, who seem to be closed or shy during the flight awakens from inside, fills with joy", - told the pilot.

The Most Romantic Entertainment
Flight in an air balloon is commonly called the most romantic entertainment. This is one of the reasons why more and more people are tempted to try a lift in an air balloon. Although history of an air balloons seemed not to foresee that growth…
First hot-air balloon was constructed in France by two brothers – Étienne and Joseph Montgolfier. He committed a flight with three passengers on board – a duck, a rooster and a sheep. For the first time the balloon flew on 19th September 1783.
A French king Ludwig XVII had an idea that first people to take off will be criminals, who committed heavy crimes, but his weird idea wasn’t meant to become a reality: on 21st November 1783 Jean François de Rozier and Marquis d' Arlandes have asked to fly on the balloon, constructed by Montgolfier brothers. During the 25 minutes of flight they’ve managed to travel 12 kilometers. During the centuries hot-air balloon technologies were constantly upgraded, but a prototype of a modern balloon was invented only in 1960, by an American scientist Ed Jost. Over the time plastic coverings and petrol fuse were changed by technologies which are being used up to our days. Air balloons are made from a special, heat resistant material, the basket is made from a special wood sort, improved fuse and gas tanks, and balloon has modern means of navigation and communications.

First Lithuanian Balloon – Made from Sacks
Lithuanian hot-air balloon history has begun also romantically – 28th April 1988 in a former Soviet Union in Jonava for the first time has raised a hot-air balloon, made by Leonas Siminiška. It was made from a limpid polythene film. No wonder that this unique flying machine was purchased by one American aviation museum. Fifteen years ago first modern balloons began to appear and since then their number grew rapidly.
During the summer season and in early autumn air balloons usually fly only after sunrise or when there’s only few hours left until the sunset. The biggest balloonists’ enemies are strong close-to-ground winds and precipitation. Of course the balloon can fly only with the wind, so many things depend not only from skills of the balloonist (wind directions changes depending from the height of flight), but also from weather conditions. That’s why every balloon is being led by a car, which brings passengers and the balloon back to the staring point.
Today hot-air balloons are flying not only over the biggest Lithuanian cities, but also above places with unique nature – lakes, large woods, places that yet haven’t been touched by a man. To fly with an air balloon is an extraordinary pleasure, which is especially worth to try out on a foggy summer morning!



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Vilnius Ona Church and Gediminas Castle
Vilnius Ona Church and Gediminas Castle
Vilnius Gediminas Castle and Old Town
Vilnius Gediminas Castle and Old Town

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