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Duck chest with pear syrup

Please find this fine dishes in Vilnius restaurant Tower Gate

Austrian ski resort - Stubaier Gletcher map

Austrian ski resort - Stubaier Gletcher

Stubaier Gletcher information to skiers, hotels, restaurants, information

Vrbov thermal pool

Thermal pools in Tatras Mountains

It is possible to swim in even few thermal pools in the base of Tatras

Koliba in Stary Smokovec

Slovakia: koliba

Local national cookshop is named koliba in Slovakia

Low Tatras downhill skiing routes

Alpine skiing in the Low Tatras: Jasna and Chopok

The Low Tatras may be named as skiing resort of aristocrats

Stary Smokovec Skiing routes

Stary Smokovec (The High Tatras, Slovakia)

Stary Smokovec ski resort in High Tatras Mountains : what to do, hotels, restaurants, transport, skiing routes.

Close to mountain cafe is a place for skiing inventory

Downhill skiing in Slovakia, in the High Tatras

No doubt that for those, who love extreme and active leisure, Slovakia is a perfect country for holidays

Turaida Castle

A Trip to Sigulda - the Most Visited Place in Latvia

Tour to Sigulda, Castle of Turaida, what to do in Sigulda, best places in Sigulda, Cave in Sigulda

A festival near the Notre Dame de Paris

Weekend in Paris

What to do in Paris, best places in Paris, gourmet paris, transport, restaurants, hotels in Paris


Having a Road Trip in South France

Roud trip in South France, architectural monuments , food, routes

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A variety of guest rooms, including single rooms, double ...
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A variety of guest rooms, including single rooms, double ...
Accommodation in Vilnius
A variety of guest rooms, including single rooms, double ...
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Aerodromo Str. 8, Tauragė
Phone: (446) 55 999

Voveraite (squirrel), named Salvadoras

Meiles Ave. 24, Palanga
Phone: (460) 52 532

VPU hotel-dormitory

A. Vivulskio Str. 36, Vilnius
Phone: (5) 21 30 704

Z. and A. Yocu guest-house

Masiulishkiu Str. 1, Sutkunai, Shiauliai, Šiauliai
Phone: (41) 45 05 32

Z. Yocienes imone

Masiulishkiu Str. 1, Sutkunai village, Shiauliai, Šiauliai
Phone: (699) 38 735


Sibiro Str. 6, Vilnius
Phone: (5) 26 10 634

Zhaliakalnis hotel

Savanoriu Ave. 66, Kaunas
Phone: (37) 32 14 12

Zhalias namas (green house)

Vytauto Str. 97, Palanga
Phone: (460) 51 231

Zhaliasis aidas (green echo)

Utena-Vilnius highway 69 km, 152 Chiulenai, Moletai area, Molėtai
Phone: (383) 50 565

Zhara (glow)

Radvilu Str. 16, Radviliškis
Phone: (422) 51 345

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