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Having a Road Trip in South France
2010-10-21 14:32


In ancient times people used to travel by horses or by the carriages being pulled by the horses. Nowadays they were changed to the cars powered by the mechanical horses. It is recommended to acquire a car with a lot of horse's powers for the inquisitives, who planed to visit the south of France with a car, because the road is far and a journey will take long.

Why is it worth to travel to the south of France?

The answer is simple and clear - because of the reason, that Provence is a region of Alps and the Blue Lagoon - it is acknowledged to be the most beautiful and most visited land by the tourists! It is located in the southeast of France, has a border in the east with Italy, continues to Montpellier in the west, seeks the river Rhin in the north and climbs to the Alps.

Every region characterizes by the wealthy culture, gourmet food, impressive architectural monuments, landscapes of unforgettable beauty and centuries-old traditions, which are remembered in the festivals of folklore and streets' processions.  Corsica island, where aforetime Napoleon Bonaparte was exiled, from 1960-ies also belongs to this region.



Oneness of the region is determined by its an extraordinary geographical position, which is advantageous for the tourism: only 200 km and you are able to enjoy relaxation on the cost of Mediterranean sea, two hours traveling and you are able to have a rest in a mountain skiing station, travel on the road of wine by the fertile riversides of Rhin.

Wonderful, warm, sunny climate gives a possibility to develop tourism the entire year long. The infrastructure and a log-term experience of tourism sets the wonderful conditions to organize various leisure, cognitive, cultural travels, or the travels of active sport. If you want to get known this region, it is the best way to travel by car - you may stop in the places, where an extraordinary landscape fits wonderfully with human creation. It is impossible at one time to get known this land: to cover everything, to visit, to see. We offer you to make yourself three different routes:

The First Route: Provence.

Provence starts in the valley of the Alps and lasts till the cost of the Mediterranean sea, covering Arles and Nimes cities in the West, meets the golden islands of Hyères in the East. This land is proud of the wonderful national parks of Camargue and Luberon, of numerous historical monuments, which remind us an impressive past of the region. There are famous French cities established in Provence: Marseille, Avignon, Orange. A lot of famous people have lived and created their works there. Van Gogh and Sesanne were also between them.


The Second Route: Blue Lagoon.

The Mediterranean coast starts to the East from Marseille, and lasts till the border with Italy. A rocky shore of stupendous beauty flaunts with a reflection of the white stones in crystal transparent blue sea water.  Between the rocks you will find small beaches of white sand, which you can reach only with a boat or a shallop.

 Of course, you can reach them also on foot, but your trip will take you long. A rocky coast strikes a bay of Gulf, which is surrounded by abundantly inhabited towns of Saint Raphael, Saint Maxime, Saint Tropez. These are the ancient villages of the fishermen - their inhabitants used to hide the partisans during the World War II, and used to bring them food and clothes to the hiding-places, which were located in the holts. Nowadays you can find there the enormous world wide known resorts, famous for their wonderful nature, pleasant climate, excellent conditions for the relaxation and entertainment. Cannes is famous for the cinematography festival, Grasse - for the perfume being produced here. Nice is the last city of France, located very near the border with Italy. The city is surrounded by the bay of the Angels. The city was established by the Greek, originated from Marseille, who called it in the name of the goddess Nike like a sign of the victory which they reached in the fight with Ligurians.


Nice like a lot of other cities near the border of the country had to survive through the times of the never-ending wars and competitive bidding.  A harbor of sea market was always important to Nice. The majority of the local inhabitants consists of emigrants from Italy, who still speak in an ancient dialect. A city is popular because of the impressive flowers, fruits and vegetables, seafood marketplaces and the Sunday flea fairs. It is the second city of France, which is most visited by the tourists (the first is Paris), and attracts us by exclusive atmosphere. You are able to feel it just by entering the city.  Travelers are welcome by the English promenade, which sweep along the seaside. Terraces of the luxurious restaurants invite you, where you can enjoy the seafood and the recipes of the well known in all the world Nice's salad. It is worth to visit the museums of famous French modernism painters Henri Matisse and Marc Chagall.

You can say, that the first traveler from Lithuania, who came to Nice after World War I was Roman Gary (Roman Kacew). Nina Kacew, a Jewish origin refugee with a preteen sun was running from destroyed Vilnius. She was traveling through Poland to search for a shelter in France, in the city of Nice. Therefore Roman Gary spent his childhood and his early youth in Nice. Years later when he got the nationality of France, he became a famous writer and a diplomat, who represented France in the United States of America. Nowadays the National Library is founded in Nice which is called by the name of Roman Gary. 

The Third route: Alps.  

The mountain range of the Alps is located in the North-West of the region. In two hours you can reach the snowy peaks. In winter numerous stations of the mountain skiing welcomes the lovers of an active recreation, who come with their families or by one, to breathe the clear mountains' air and to prove their power in the traces of the various difficulty levels.

How to reach the South France?

There are two ways to reach Blue Lagoon. You can travel through Poland, Germany, enter France in Metz and drive to the South to the direction of Marseille. You can also travel through Poland, Czech Republic, Austria, Italy and reach Nice, located near the border of Italy and France. In both ways the distance is about the same - 2 500 kilometers.

If you choose the first version, you will drive in large highways, for which you will have to pay in France! Therefore it is worth to take care of the particular amount of money for the travel expenses. If you choose the second version you should take care of the medicine, calming the nausea. The roads are waving through the mountains and the ridges, arise and fall, so if the traveler has a weak stomach, he may have some health disorders.

Planning the trip.

The prices in France are rising annually, and the fuel is in the first place of this competition of the prices! The owners of the petrol-driven cars often use the services of the public transport, because after the latest data, the price of petrol 95 jumped to 1 euro and 58 cents. You should not worry in advance, because diesel price is steady from 1,20 to 1,30 euro. Therefore it is worth to think about diesel-driven car, because it is cheaper, more economical and more ecological!

This trip you can plan with a staying somewhere for the night, or without it. The tired travelers will find a place to spend the night easily in France. There is a highly developed system of the hotels in the country, there are a lot of two or three stars hotels in bigger cities, motels and camps. The general well-known groups of the hotels are: Kyriad, Ibis, Etap Hotel, Campanulle, Balladin, Citadine, Formule1, Premiere Classe. The travelers who plan a little or the average expenses are able to stay there. The prices change from 26 to 70 euros in summer, a bit cheaper in winter.

If you drive together with somebody you should reserve 24 hours for the trip, not counting the stops for the comfort, sleep or meals. The trip is long. If you travel with a comfortable car, which has air-conditioning, the trip takes you only one day and night cycle. Driving in a carriage, which has neither air-conditioning nor a heating system, your trip would take you 24 such day-night cycles. So what is better? Then let's go ahead to the trip full of the new recognitions and adventures!

Will be continued!
Especially from France
Rasa Misevičiūtė

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TAKO BARAS, A. Jankevičiaus, IĮ

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Confortable hotel in Nida, accommodation in Nida G.D. Kuverto Str. 15, Nida
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Kunigaiksciu mene

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A&O Berlin Hauptbahnhof 2**

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Cheap and comfortable hotel in Klaipeda Tilžės g. 9, Klaipėda
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Apartmány Renomal 3***

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Modern and comfortable Hotel in Riga Old Town Kalēju 70/72, Riga
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Baltic Beach SPA hotel 5*

Modern and comfortable hotel in the centre of Jurmala at the very sea shore Juras 23/25 , Jūrmala
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Bardøla Høyfjellshotell

Bardøla is a hotel filled with old traditions, and surrounded by beautiful mountains. Bardøla Høyfjellshotell offers high quality rooms and log cabins in different sizes. Bardølavegen 33, Geilo
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Belgrave House Serviced Apartments Victoria

Discount apartments in London, budget hotel in London centre 28-32 Belgrave Road, Pimlico, London
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Beograd Art Hotel

A modern Italian designed hotel on Belgrade's impressive pedestrian street, Knez Mihailova. Knez Mihajlova 27 11000 Beograd, Srbija, Belgrad
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Berlin Mark Hotel 4****

Business class hotel in the center of Berlin Meinekestr. 18-19, Charlottenburg, Berlin

Best Western Hotel am Spittelmarkt 3***

Discount hotel in Berlin, hotet in Berlin centre Neue Grünstraße 28, Mitte, Berlin

Best Western Victoria Palace 3***

Business class hotel in the center of London, near Victoria Railway station 64 Warwick Way Victoria, London
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Bo18 Hotel*** Superior

A new 3 star hotel in the VIII district of Budapest lets you stay undisturbed in the immediate neighbourhood of the bustling city center. Vajdahunyad utca 18, Budapest
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Bohem Art Hotel Budapest

A hip hotel with the feel of an art gallery. 35 Molnár street, Budapest
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Central Berlin Apartments 3***

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City Guesthouse Pension Berlin

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City Hotel Bratislava 3***

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Comfort Vilnius ***

Discount hotel in Vilnius Old Town Gėliu str. 5, Vilnius
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Corinthia Hotel Budapest

A 5 star hotel in the heart of the city Erzsébet körút 43-49, Budapest
Phone: +36 1 479 4000, Email:

Dr. Holms Hotel

Centrally located in the ski resort of Geilo, Dr. Holms hotel offers free Wi-Fi, free parking and a range of spa facilities. Timrehaugvn 2, Geilo
Phone: +47 32 09 57 00 , Email:

Du broliai (two brothers), UAB

Hotel in Palanga. Kretingos Str. 36, Palanga
Phone: +370-460-54028, +370-460-48108, Email:


4-star hotel and restaurant in the Old Town. Tilto g. 3- 1, Vilnius
Phone: +370-5-2107370, Email:

Fortuna, hotel

Cozy Hotel Fortuna is located in a private house, hotel in Klaipeda. Poilsio Str. 64, Klaipėda
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Gower Hotel 2**

Cheap accommodation in b&b hotel in London 129 Sussex Gardens, Paddington, London
Phone: +44-0-2081660990, Email:

Grand Hotel Kempinski High Tatras 5*

Romantic and high comfort rooms with view to Higg Tatras Mountain Kupelna 6, Štrbské Pleso
Phone: +421-52-3262 222 , Email:

Grandhotel Starý Smokovec 4****

Romantic and prestigious Mountain hotel in Stary Smokovec Stary Smokovec, Vysoké Tatry
Phone: +421-52-4780000

Gutenbergs Hotel 4*

Romantic business class hotel in Riga centre Doma laukums 1, Riga
Phone: +371-678-14090, Email:


The resort consists 94 exclusive apartments that sleep anywhere between 3 and 16 people. Many of the apartments have their own sauna. Nye Havsdalsveien 216, Geilo
Phone: +47 31 41 11 15

Hyatt Regency Belgrade

A luxurious 5 star hotel in a convenient location in Novi Beograd's business district. Milentija Popovica 5, Belgrade, Serbia 11070 , Belgrad
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Hipotel Paris Belleville

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Hostel Richard

Hostel in Paris Centre 35 rue Richard Lenoir, Paris

Hotel Balkan

A romantic historic 4 star hotel awarded The Hotel of the year 2006 in Serbia. Prizrenska 2, 11000 Beograd, Srbija , Belgrad
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Hotel Bradford Elysees

Business class hotel in the center of Paris 10 rue St Philippe du Roule, Paris
Phone: +33-01-45632020, Email:

Hotel Campo De' Fiori 3***

Romantic and boutique hotel in historic Rome centre Via Del Biscione 6, Navona, Rome
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Hotel Crocus 4*

Modern mountain hotel in High Tatras Štrbské Pleso 4078/78, Štrbské Pleso
Phone: +421-52-7117111, Email:

Hotel FIS Jasna 4*

Luxury and romantic hotel in Jasna, Low Tatras Demanovska Dolina 330, Jasna, Liptovsky Mikulaš
Phone: +421-44-5591411, Email:

Hotel Hills 4****

Ski Hotel In High Tatra, high comfort hotel in Tatranska Lomnica Stará Lesná 153, Tatranská Lomnica
Phone: +421-52-4467533, Email:

Hotel Horizont 3***

Mountain view hotel in High Tatras, Comfortably Hotel in Tatranska Lomnica Stara Lesna, Tatranská Lomnica
Phone: +421-052-4467881

Hotel Irina 3***

Discount hotel in Riga, scheap hotel in the centre of Riga, Latvia Merkela 12 , Riga
Phone: +371-67224546, Email:

Hotel Janosik 4*

Modern and confortably hotel in Liptovsky Mikulas Janosikovo Nabrezie 1, Liptovsky Mikulaš
Phone: +421-44-5522721, Email:

Hotel Litvor 2*

Cheap accomodation in Strbske Pleso, comfortable pension Strbske Pleso 7, Štrbské Pleso
Phone: +421-902-891411, Email:

Hotel Madison

Hotel in Paris Centre in Paris Latin Quarter 143 Boulevard Saint Germain, 06. Saint Germain - Luxembourg, Paris
Phone: +33-0-1-40516000, Email:

Hotel Morava 2**

Family Ski Hotel in Vysoke Tatry. Small price hotel in Tatranska Lomnica Tatranská Lomnica 42, Vysoké Tatry
Phone: +421-052-4467641

Hotel Moskva

A landmark in the very centre of Belgrade - an appealing combination of tradition and modernity. Balkanska 1, Stari grad, 11000 Beograd, Belgrad
Phone: +381 11 2686 255, Email:

Hotel Palace Tivoli 3***

Comfort and family atmosphere hotel in High Tatra Tatranská Polianka 10, Vysoké Tatry
Phone: +421-52-7881208

Hotel Palazzo Manfredi 5*****

Luxury and comfortable hotel in historical centre of Rome, near Coliseum Via Labicana, 125 , Rome
Phone: +39-06-77591380, +39-06-7005638, Email:

Hotel Tri Studničky 4*

Comfort and modern skiing hotel in Jasna, Low Tatras Demänovská Dolina 5, Liptovsky Mikulaš
Phone: +421-44-5478000, Email:

Hotel Zlatnik

Discover the charm and elegance of the 5 star hotel "Zlatnik". 11080 Zemun Dobanovacka Street No.95 , Belgrad
Phone: +381 (0)11 316 7511, Email:

Hotel Zoo Berlin 4****

Comfortable and modern hotel in the center of Berlin Kurfürstendamm 25, Charlottenburg, Berlin
Phone: +49-30-884370, Email:

Youth Hostel in London 1*

Hostel in London Centre Barkston Gardens, Earls Court, London

Kamava, UAB

Guest house in Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipeda Bernardinų str. 7 , Vilnius
Phone: +370-5-2123850, Mobile: +370-689-98517, Email:

L'Empire Paris 4****

Luxury hotel in Paris with gourmet restaurant 48 Rue De L'arbre Sec, 01. Louvre - Châtelet, Paris
Phone: +33-01-40150606, Email:

Liene Hotel

A small and comfortable hotel in the center of the Riga Avotu str. 75, Riga
Phone: +371-67-314767, Email:

LifeDESIGN Hotel Beograd

A newly built 4 star hotel in the heart of Belgrade featuring elegant, anti-allergenic rooms and superb wellness facilities. 18th, Balkanska street, 11000 Belgrade, Belgrad
Phone: + 381 (0)11 35 34 300, Email:

Lion's Garden Hotel

The new Lion's Garden boutique-style Hotel is only a few steps away from the most important sights and from the city park of Budapest. Cházár András utca 4, Budapest
Phone: +36 1 273 2070 , Email:

Mercure Airport Hotel Berlin Tegel 3***

Luxury and discount hotel in Berlin, near Tegel Airport, Hotel with airport shuttle Kurt Schumacher Damm 202, Reinickendorf, Berlin
Phone: +49-30-41060

Michelberger Hotel 3***

Modern Youth hotel near O2 Arena Berlin Warschauer Str. 39-40, Friedrichshain, Berlin

Motel One Berlin-Bellevue 2**

Cheap and Budget hotel near the Berlin Central Station Paulstraße 21, Tiergarten, Berlin
Phone: +49-30-39063340

Nidos smilte

Comfortable and modern hotel in Nida Skruzdynes Str. 2, Nida
Phone: +370-469-52221, Email:

Old Town Apartments in Rome

Apartment in Rome with kitchen, family accommodation in Rome Via torino 135, Rome
Phone: +44-0-2089441444

OnlySuites Paris CDG

Hotel near Charles de Gaulle airport, Paris Allée des Vergers, Roissy-en-France , Paris
Phone: +33-01-34384540, Email:


Inexpensive hotel in Vilnius, conference hotel in Vilnius Sodų g. 14, Vilnius
Phone: +370-5-273 80 12, +370-5-273 80 11, Email:

Pažaislis Park Hotel

Comfortable small hotel near Kaunas, with rooms from classic to modern style T.Masiulio Str. 18e, Kaunas
Mobile: +370-614-63664, Email:

Pension Tatrasport Zampa 3***

Stary Smokovec 62, Vysoké Tatry

Penzión Adriana

Cheap, romantic hotel in JAsna, Low Tatras Demänovská Dolina 10, Liptovsky Mikulaš
Phone: +421-445549017, Email:

Penzión K+K

Romantic and comfortable family hotel pension in High Tatras, Tatranská Lesná 9, Tatranská Lomnica
Phone: +421-052-4423175 , Email:

Penzion Limba 2*

Family with children accommodation in Jasna in penzion Limba in Low Tatras Demanovska Dolina, Liptovsky Mikulaš
Phone: +421-915-841797

Preliudija, The Guest House in Klaipeda

The guest house PRELIUDIJA is located in the very centre of the Old Town of Klaipeda, Kepeju str. 7. Kepeju Str. 7, Klaipėda
Phone: +370-46-310077, Email:

Queen's Astoria Design Hotel

A uniquely designed hotel enriched with timeless style in the very heart of Belgrade. Milovana Milovanovica 1, Stari grad, 11000 Beograd, Belgrad
Phone: +381 11 36 05 100 , Email:

Radisson Blu Resort Trysil

A splendid ski resort hotel at Trysil - the largest ski resort in Norway Hotellvegen 1, Trysil
Phone: +47 62 44 90 00, Email:

Regent's Garden

Boutique hotel in Paris with SPA and fitness centre 6, Rue Pierre Demours, 17. Palais des Congrès, Paris
Phone: +33-01-45740730, Email:

Residenza Ponte Sant'Angelo

Discount hotel in Rome, sceap hotel in the centre of Rome, Italy Via Di Panico 72, Navona, Rome
Phone: +39-0668308426, Email:

Ro Hotel

This hotel is situated by Geilo Station, close to the ski lifts and cross-country trails at Geilo Ski Centre. It offers free Wi-Fi in public areas. Geiloveien 55-57, Geilo

Royal Casino SPA & Hotel Resort

Casino and Hotel in Riga. Terbatas street 73, Riga
Phone: +371-67-092299, +371-67-506030, Email:

Rome Marriott Park Hotel 4****

Business Hotel near Rome with SPA wellness centre, Hotel in Rome for conference and events, via Colonnello Tommaso Masala, 54, Rome
Phone: +39-06-658821

St Giles Hotel & Leisure Club 3***

Luxury hotel in London with Italian, Japanese and Asian restaurants Bedford Avenue, Bloomsbury, London
Phone: +44-0-2073003000

Star Hostel Belgrade

Bring the world to Belgrade's top-rated hostel! Cara Urosa 37b, Stari grad, 11000 Beograd, Belgrad
Phone: +381 11 2184 104, Mobile: +381 62 22 46 46

Starlight Suiten Hotels Budapest

A luxury hotel in the city centre Mèrleg utca 6, Budapest
Phone: +36 1 484 3700, Email:

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