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Spragtukas, shop, UAB Asama-Baltic

Address:Konstitucijos pr. 16 (VCUP)
Phone:+370-5-2730501, +370-5-2742816
Email:info @
Reg num:300582094
Work time:10:00 - 22:00
Short description:

Shop for kids.

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A game - a "work for children", that improves train sensors and intellectual abilities, physical skills.

A game is a way for feelings cognition, hands and eyes coordination.

A game is a perfect communication, a way of learning to give and get.

A game is a mean of getting knowledge, the training to become a part of tomorrow life.

"Spragtukas" children give us inspiration, our toys reflect their dreams and ideas. We believe, that a game makes them active. A game stimulates their progress, wakens their feelings, hunger for knowledge, gives children confidence.
Children need new and quality toys, that produced to stimulate child's education and training.

That is our step to help children on their educational way, providing new ideas, that will widen children scope and give joy.

More information about toys presented here, you can get by writing us at or calling 8 (5) 274 28 16.

Please visit our shop SPRAGTUKAS (Konstitucijos av. 16 supermarket VCUP, 5 floor), where you will find even more toys and entertainment goods.




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Mazhylio ratai, UAB (Mažylio ratai)

Carts, Guci shoes, car seats and other products for your baby S. Zhukausko Str. 1/ Ulonu Str. 1, Vilnius
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Spragtukas, shop, UAB Asama-Baltic

Shop for kids. Konstitucijos pr. 16 (VCUP), Vilnius
Phone: +370-5-2730501, +370-5-2742816, Email:


Kids clothing -, Vilnius
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SUB7, e-shops

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